Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Library

Improv games.  Rock.  They do.  I just typed the name of this post as, "The Library," and it reminded me of a recent Improvy thing I had to do which required me to not use the word given to me in the beginning of a song I had to create on the spot.  Does that make sense?  So I can't talk about the library, yet.  ;-)

Quick re-cap.  So I did not learn a dance yet.  Whoops.  But I did get dance videos from the library, today (eh, I think the word, "library," is far enough away from the beginning ;) ).  Libraries, like book stores, are wonderful creations.  Especially if they have a coffee shop!  Major brownie points.

I really need to go to bed.  I work in the early morning.  But I needed to confess that I have not learned a dance yet, like I said I was going to do for AMTC, but I have memorized more of my monologue of the week and checked out a fun book of monologues, as well as other things from the library, to assist me in my goal of being a good performer.  Thank you, God!

This evening I spent with wonderful friends.  Thank God for dear friends, conversation, laughter, and food.  And safe travels.  Good evening in Albany Park.  :-)  In addition to this fun evening, this weekend I, God-willing, am traveling to see my "soul best friend", miss Sarah!  Though really good friends, I only see Sarah a handful of times a year.  And this weekend should be one in those handful.  ;-)

Okay, so goals for this weekend:
--make it to work on time tomorrow morning and be positive!
--finish memorizing monologue.
--bring rented DVDs if the opportunity comes up to learn a dance/other. much time should I devote to AMTC this weekend?  I don't know...

Pray.  Pray hard, like everything depends on God.  Act as if everything depends on me.  I want to work.  Lord, please give me the direction, discernment, enthusiasm to work!

Thank yOuOuuuUuu!
Happy pizza-eating ;),

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