Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Goal : : AMTC

Goals for this evening:
ok, I got one: Get TV show theme song out of my head.

But no, really, I have important news to solidify!  Really important news, actually.
I signed my name to pay and train with Actors, Models, & Talent for Christ, known as AMTC.  I want to keep this post brief, getting to the points I want to make.

--This used to be an aspiring baking blog.  It has now morphed into a Goal Blog.  For example, this past summer I completed my goal of keeping/attempting a baking blog for that three month duration.

--Now, I would like to/must post my daily deeds as well as goals for AMTC.  For example, today I:
           --Worked on memorizing a monologue (Person 2, "Send Me")
           --Printed out lyrics to a Alison Krauss song, The Lucky One
           --Wrote and submitted a little letter to friend, Beth
           --Dabbled on my account, amtconline.org....whew, doggie, there is much to read
                                                                                                 and go through
                                                                                  and know and memorize and practice. 
                                                                                              Whewww, doggies!
--Post goals yet to come/On-going goals:
           --Memorize one new monologue a week.  Seriously.  Inanimate computer,
                          please hold me accountable to this.
           --Go on amtconline.org every day.  Post daily deeds on this blog site.

I'll keep you posted.  Haha-get it?  'Night.  Oh and I'm changing my name to Tyler, because that's what the "aged" people at the Assisted Living home think my name is.  I have a cousin named Tyler.  Let's just go for it.  My name is, Ty.


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