Thursday, December 29, 2011

You is kind, you is smart, you is important.

So I've kind of developed an angst toward movies:


  1. A feeling of deep anxiety or dread, typically an unfocused one about the human condition or the state of the world in general.
  2. A feeling of persistent worry about something trivial.
I believe this is an accurate description of the emotion I feel towards movies.  If I do watch them and am not worrying about annoying my fellow watchees, I can't help but yell at, talk to, cry for, etc. the characters in the movie.  I sometimes get so wrapped up in them, that it feels like my heart is ripped cut into strips with scissors...slowly.  Seriously (kind of-that's a HUGE ouch). 
My parents are familiar with my suspicion of movies.  I came home one day to the advice of them telling me, "Oh Ky, I think you're really going to like this movie!  I really think you are going to like it."  It was the movie, Tristin and Isolde.  Heart...breaker.  Oh my lanta, at several points the actions of the characters could have been adjusted so so much awfulness didn't have to happen!!  But no.  Tristin and Isolde broke my heart with its story.
It may have been several months later when my parents brought me their line again.  "Kyla, this is a movie you'll like.  You'll like this one!"  They may have even thrown in the line, "Trust me."  So I stumbled into the family room.  This movie was, Sommersby.  Heart...breaker.
Anyways, I decided that, well, I actually do like some movies.  And even though my heart painfully shatters when I watch movies like Tristin and Isolde or Sommersby, these are movies I truly enjoy.  Ha!  Now I've also recently watched the movies, Fried Green Tomatoes and The Help.  And both of these are great movies, too!  Maybe I kind of like it when my heart gets squished around.  And Mae Mobley, the little girl in The Help, is a button!  (Funny expression, isn't it?)

So, anywho, these are my "2 cents" regarding movies.  My computer screen looks like a wreck right now.  Many many windows up because I'm trying to make everything a priority, I suppose.  Hope to write again soon.  :-) 
Miss Rae

Thursday, December 1, 2011

With the Intention of Coming Back

I shouldn't write extensively here.  One could argue I shouldn't be writing on here at all as just a computer window away are two unfinished papers.  However, I wanted to document, perhaps follow the distraction that I may be posting blogs more frequently in the upcoming months.

Remember how I had this perhaps over-dramatically dilemma about going back to University this Fall?  Well, with the Good Lord's help, I will succeed and finish these classes I am enrolled in and with the grace and love shown by my parents, I will not be enrolled in any classes for next semester.  Anyone else feel like flying?...and just to acknowledge more reactions than flying- anyone else ponder the parable of "The Prodigal Son"?  You know, I don't even know what the word, prodigal, means, but- hey now, I need to get back to work...

I just wanted to make a post because I really haven't in a couple months.  These past couple of months have been a fascinating and blessing-filled kind of crazy!  I have lived with eight other beautiful, interesting, funny, unique, and wonderful women this semester!!  Ha ha-they're nuts!  But--next semester, with God's help, will be a wonderful, awakening kind of semester not enrolled in college.  I think partaking in blog posts will be helpful for this journey.  We shall see.  (I'll have a stocked kitchen again--yippee!)

Okay, pray for the development and flow for my papers and school work!  :-)  Thanks!!!
Miss Rae
*This is not a photo of my roommates and I, though we do have 9 women in a house called The Sugar Shack.  What a coincidence, n'est-ce pas?  :-)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Final Decision

Heyyyyy, so I feel like I have not posted in awhile.  :-)  Even though this blog began only as a trial run, I enjoy seeing it grow and therefore, I would like to plug in posts still.  And did I tell you that I received TWO baking books for my 20th bday?  I hope you know what that means... Haha.  :D  I've tried two recipes, one from each book, and they turned out fabulous!  So I have a grand feeling about these lil' guys...

This evening I plan on making Banana Bread from one of the books.  The book is ....

that book.  ;-)  And I'll let you know how it goes, if I remember.  I think I'm looking forward to it.

Also, I'll slip in here that it's been decided that I'll be attending North Park University this Fall- not be going to Wyoming or Texas or any other place besides NPU Chicago.  Which is neato.  :)  I know I've mentioned running away, etc., but- it's all good.  I am probably the most excited about North Park's baby dance team.  Baby dance team because it'll be about 3 years old after this upcoming season.  ;)  Auditions are in about a week and a half and I just get a thrill dancing/performing....and there is an excellent coach who is very motivating.  Oh and classes are cool too.  ;-)
 *classic move here

*Ballerinas are beautiful.  I want to be one.  But I don't have the discipline.  But maybe, if it works out, I would like to be a ballerina in Heaven...

Last thing- and most importantly- there are some people, and I guess this is what the Spirit of God looks like in people- who really have it going on, like with Christ.  I don't know, man, but I want what these people I have in mind have.  And I don't want to fake it.  And I don't think I'm making much sense here either.  But this is just a note that establishes an observation, a distinction between Christians who really recognize who Christ is and what He means and then those of us who don't- really know the significance and reality of Him.  -you know?

I wonder if I'm losing it-
Miss Rae :*

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"I'm 20"

Today, as my sister dropped me off at work, she left me with some variation of the following words, "Start saying it out-loud, "I'm 20. I'm 20 years old...'"  She thought I would actually feel 20, and appreciate being 20, once it sunk in.  :)  Haha- I do like it!  Initially, at least.

So creating this blog was all apart of my "21 b4 21" list.  Creating/attempting to make a fantastical baking blog of my own was something on my list.  Baking blogs, good ones ;), are the bomb!  :)  And something I have learned so far, is that it requires a lot of baking and cooking and most of my blogs on this site have therefore not been on-topic.  Meh.  ;-)

God, Jesus, Holy Spirit- thanks for all agreeing to make me.  Something I've realized while talking to a really good friend yesterday on my bday, was that I'm afraid to make mistakes and this fear, probably like all fears, can be paralyzing.  So God, I need help to move when I should move.  And I bring this up now because I'm 20, another year older, and I really don't want to waste my time.  So- I don't want to do anything without the Holy Spirit with me.
 Friends and family really make differences in lives- ok, I'll make it an "I" statement- family and friends really make a difference in my life.  ;-)  And the "best" ones are those that are annoying, and still stick around.  If that doesn't make sense, that's ok, because I know what I mean.

 Happy Birthday to all on their day!!!
20-year old, Lady Rae ;-) 

Oh and something that's worth mentioning; the Bible verse that says, "Don't pretend to love people- really love them."  Peculiar, right?  It's like the author knows me.  Okay, okay...

Thursday, August 11, 2011


~The Wreckers "Cigarettes"

I tried smoking again.  And ahh it's so not natural.  I feel sick on my fingers, my mouth, my tongue, everything when I smoke and I do it, and look out at people and think about what they think of me and I think to myself, "This is so stupid.  Yuck, gross.  *spit*  This is so stupid!  *spit...I spit a lot*  Gross!"

I don't relate to all of the lyrics.  But yes to the chorus.  I always kind of thought that the Wrecker's music was over-dramatic, etc.  But now, maybe they were just being honest and writing songs and not caring if people thought they were being over-dramatic.

At church, Willow Creek, we had the Leadership Conference today!  And it's so incredible.  In noticing what gets me amped and not in regards for the future and well, careers, I have ruled out working with kids, I think, and have ruled in working with adults, international adults, and maybe somehow listening to speakers/pastors?!  I really enjoy listening to people give speeches and sermons?  I'm getting somewhere!  :-)
Miss Rae

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sometimes I

"Even though I hate to admit it, sometimes I smoke cigarettes.  Christian folk say I should quit it, but I just smile and say, "God Bless..."  (Miranda Lambert's song, Heart Like Mine)

I first heard this song and I loved it.  It was a season when my two favorite songs were this one and another by Sugarland, "Little Miss".  It's kind of quirky- Heart Like Mine is kind of nothing like me, however once I heard and saw the music video to Miranda Lambert's Kerosene, I liked her!  I wanted to be her, probably because she is everything I am not. 

Hey!, so what I was saying was that I love singing the song and even mentally pretending that Heart Like Mine applies to me and yeah, it's pretty silly.  However, I bought my first pack of cigarettes yesterday at a 7-Eleven.  And you know what?  I am unable to not think of the chorus, "Cancer stick, cancer stick- you're putting a cancer stick to your mouthhhh!  Ah, Kyla!  You're going to get lip cancer, tongue cancer, and then finger cancer!" out of my mind, as I take one.  And I fail at lighting the stick!  Today, it was me & God, sitting down on a bike path and to raise the drama, I told myself I'm smoking!  But it didn't light.  Humility!  Hello?  Ha!

Putting aside the thoughts that consume my  mind for a moment, before the end of this summer, I would like to make homemade wine, homemade bread, and make my dad "Beef Stroganoff (sp)" again.

Huh.  And about the Homemade Wine idea- this website intimidates me.  I kind of thought I'd buy grapes, mash them up, let them ferment, and add sugar.  Is this now how it goes?  What's this air cap I need?

I think I'll follow this nice-looking woman on the bread:

Miss Rae

Monday, August 8, 2011


Hearing and seeing swear words definitely affects me.  They come out so much easier after I see them/hear them.  I've watched the video for Pink's Perfect song and it has her song politely edited...but I almost wrote the real words anyways.  It's about self-control, isn't it?  And being consistent?
I try to not like "secular" songs.  Unless they are country.  Having written that out, that sounds pretty hypocritical doesn't it?  And it makes me feel like I need to try less to not like songs.  On the other hand, the temperature easily boils inside of me at the lyrics of some songs.  But I really like Pink's Perfect song.  And I really like heavy eye liner.  It's beautiful and it's like a masquerade.  Now that I'm on it, I like Katy Perry (I almost take it back) 's song ET.  To be honest, it would be better if Kanye West's part was taken out.  And I want to clarify, it's NOT BECAUSE HE IS AFRICAN-AMERICAN!  I'm not a huge fan of rap...except if it's really good.

Let's be honest, we like it, I like ET, cuz it's hott.  Am I right?  Have I told you my theory yet?  My theory that relates to this song, the movie Avatar, and the series Twilight?  I really enjoyed the series Twilight.  I remember reading them in High School and reading them is literally all I wanted to do.  And I don't even think I'm ashamed of that.  It's strong, huh?  The desire to be a part of a beautiful love.  Do you think the desire to be apart of a strong, beautiful, passionate love is just as strong as the desire to be a part of an adventure?  Those two desire have got to be close to even.
I heard that there were support groups for those who watched the movie Avatar and were then so depressed that there isn't anything like it- all there is, is life on Earth.  And it can easily not be very exciting.

One of my best dreams was a dream of me helping this guy find his dad, I believe it was.  In my dream we were running and climbing a really tall, slippery, large blown-up toy- kind of like those blown-up jumpy things that kids love?  You know?  If I remember correctly, whatever we were climbing even had the same colors as that jumpy contraption in real life.  :-)
One of the best parts of this dream was when the dude turned to me and asked me what I was doing.  I told him- I'm helping you!  And I was having fun!  We were active, running and searching and helping each other climb this...bouncy blown-up thing, but my heart was pounding and it was great.
So I'm getting to my theory- It's innate in each person, to be undeniably alive and a part of an adventure. 
I have not gone clubbing yet in my life.  I haven't, now that I'm old enough, because I wouldn't be able to separate dance and lust.  But I really have a blast dancing and lust can be fun, too.  In Jr. High I just couldn't wait to be able to go clubbing!
I think I understand why clubs are so fun.  I think- loud music where the bass moves your chest, close bodies, heat, so many people wanting to "lose themselves", feel gooooood.  Yes!  And the song, ET, we want to be out of this world, people!  I do, too!  Who wouldn't want that?  It's crazy, exhilarating,  wild, and is it free?

I recognize this- why people do drugs, dance, drink, read novels, and more- humans have it programmed in them to feel.  And I think this was made by God.
I think it's God, peeps.  Lord, I want to live out of this world, too!  And I'm not holding my breath for my own, Jacob, to come for me, take my hand, and help me run.
So that's my theory.  And I think it's one more thing that only God can fulfill.
With heart, soul, and sharing the same innate emotion ;),
Miss Rae
God, You are Great.  Take us all home.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Running Away

Is running away, always a drastic move?  Or could someone run away with like, peace & love & good-will?

Also, my friend, Lesley Nash has a super fun blog (, as does a woman named Alice, who is the creator of SavorySweetLife blog.

I got an e-mail from my dance coach at school that is really exciting- talking about auditions and practices and a competition!!!  :-)  I was also looking at pictures of my beautiful friends I met at NP and church and I received two e-mails from NP, as well.  One of them telling me when I could move in to the house I am registered to live in.  It's funny- the date is the same date that school/move-in is for Jackson Hole Bible College.  Funny...right?

I SO don't know what to do and moreover, HOW TO DO IT!  I think I just need to scream, get tattoos, smoke, and run through fields to touch God...I can't touch Him, but what I meant is, run through fields to feel Him- to know He's here and with me and touching me and wants me and loves me and is not irritated at me for- everything.  For being so freeken discontent and shady and downcast.  Guys....Lord...I almost feel like I am falling apart.  I don't know what to do.  Moreover- I don't know how to do whatever I need to do.

Miss Rae

"I could run away....You would never leave...You will always stay right by my side..."
Even if I go to other things to try to gain footing or lose my confusion?  Even if I- push everyone else away or fall apart?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011



it may not necessarily be awful...what I'm about to say...that lately I feel like smoking and listening to this music for hours.  now I don't need to smoke and I'm reminded frequently the damaging effects of it.  however, I feel like it would help me listen to the music.

Lovely & Waiting

i met with a professor from my university today.  my sister was with me and we talked over phillipino food.  this professor has taken the time to talk with me, get to know me, and he's not even my advisor and has not been my professor, yet.  and what i expected him to say- he didn't.  we talked about not going to university in the fall- and how that could be a good thing.  he was very encouraging and ended with, "God is love.  He is a God of love."  Wow...that is so great.

 Horn of Africa

is this another situation like that of the Holocaust?  Are Americans going to know about something really awful and wait before getting involved?  I'm not talking about Americans.  I'm talking about me.  Hey- please help me, what should I be doing?!?
Thunder strikes outside. 
Don't I need to get moving?,
Miss Rae

**hey!  Happy Birthday, beautiful friend, Sarah.  May God bless you and Love you and shower you with Truth!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Sick

Good evening.  I am feeling sick.  Yesterday I felt my throat stinging and it has lasted the night and day, today.  Unlike other people, I feel very much like eating when I'm sick.  Odd, indeed.  But I crave ice-cream any other day, but especially when I'm sick because it feels so good on my throat!  And food feels good going down on my throat as well.  So perhaps the whole "not-feeling-well-enough-to-eat" thing comes with a different kind of sickness.
I don't know exactly how to write this, but perhaps the following will come out truthfully.  The Holy Spirit is invited here.  Even though, I recently finished dragging my parents down the short path of possibility regarding an internship in Texas, and I desire to be agreeable and pleasant and wise...and goodness sake's, content!, ...I still explore other avenues on the internet.
Did I mention here that the advice given to me from an experienced Christian woman was to be content?  It's so simple, yet I still manage to think of a good amount of questions for it.

Blessings at North Park:
attending CFAN church!
seeing so great people again!
taking interesting courses, specifically Intentional Communities
experiencing sharing a house with 7 females
working at a coffee house/restaurant!
leading a Jr. High small group?
being close to home where 3 sisters are, on of them being engaged, my funny parents, my injured Grandpa, my family in MI reside
listening to the wisdom "calling out in the streets"- get a degree, child, you need a degree
dance team, baking & cooking opportunities, climbing wall, and learning & adapting to the Chicago-city life ;-)
Blessings that will come with Not Attending NP:
not rushing life.  not waiting for life to begin because I hold a college diploma in my hand.
addressing my discontent, instead of half-stuffing it with pillows and excuses and sucking it up
trusting my instincts.
taking time to understand how I want to live/what I want to put my time and money into
living an adventure!  participating in writing my story.
I don't know, guys.  Several songs come to mind:
"What if Your blessings come through rain drops?  What if Your healing comes through tears?  What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near?" Laura Story ~ Blessings

"Where You lead me, Lord, I will follow.  Where you lead me, Lord, I will go..."  Violet Burning ~ Invitacion Fountain

"I could run away, You would never leave.  You will always stay right by my side..."  Waterdeep ~ I could run away

Miss Rae.


Some Thoughts:  The concept of a human-being vs. a human-doing.  Which am I and what should I be?  I'm really hungry after I cry/run-through-emotions.  I'MSOMADATTHEHONORACADEMYBECAUSEOFBADREVIEWSIVEHEARDANDIWASREALLYHYPEDUPFORITANDTHOUGHTMYLIFEWOULD STARTTHEREAHHHHHHHH.  I have a really good boss.  I eat a lot of sugar, but I can deny it.  I crave milkshakes/ice-cream pretty much everyday.  Also, we can blame a monthly visitor with good intentions, but who also brings mysterious side effects with their visit, or the lack-of-self-control for sugar products, for my crummy attitude.  I am now learning that when someone is crabby, it should not lie on the person being crabbed-at, but it entirely remains on the crabapple, and the space he/she breathes.  Unfortunately, very unfortunately, the crabbed-at folk are usually among ma famille.

What do I do all the time, but doesn't work?  That only makes things worse?  Well, what I'm thinking of is getting upset because someone isn't doing something I think he/she should.  The real catch is, I don't tell that person what I want- I assume that person knows/should know.  I think I do this a lot.  And it only hurts.

Whew!  Life is a work in progress, ain't it?
Kisses :*,
Miss Rae

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wholesome Wheat

Hey!!  So my daddy works really hard for an airline and I would like him to come home to something delicious tasting!  He's a big chocolate fan and so I knew whatever I made, it should include chocolate.  And I had whole wheat flour in the pantry.  Thus, I looked among recipes for a whole-wheat chocolate chip cookie one and I came across, Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies!
This recipe is by Molly, a woman who runs the site, Orangette.  It's a really fun blog!  I kind of combined this recipe and the whole-wheat cookie recipe on the back of the flour bag.

 I used honey instead of brown sugar and did 3 C of flour...OH!  And I refrigerated the dough for at least an hour before I baked them.  I read that this helps thicken them, and this is what saved these guys considering every other time I baked non-oatmeal cookies, THEY ARE FLAT CRISPS!  So, refrigerating the dough, is key for Kyla.  :-)  This is good stuff, guys!

Living thickly,
Miss Rae :*

Zzzesssttyy Lemon

Wooo!  Ow ow!  Alright!  I zested a lemon this morning.  *low growl here*  This is the emotion that comes from zesting lemons- it's just a fun word that makes it lovely.

This morning I have made Lemon Poppyseed Muffins.  I remember as a child loving these kinds of muffins; they would be brought home from the store, mini-style, and I can imagine rows of these muffins in their container placed in the center of our table.  But voila!, I can make them.  Thanks, Pam, at For the Love of Cooking.

** Perhaps next time I would use Greek Yogurt instead of Sour Cream because one tasted the Sour Cream.  And maybe more lemon juice.  MmMm  But they still turned out great!  :-) 
In Zest,
Miss Rae :*

Chapter 43

You're so right.  This is a baking blog, not necessarily a venting/writing blog.  True, but I'm not stopping myself.

I believe I have mentioned before that I am attracted to the Biblical book, Isaiah.  I opened up to it today and landed on Chapter 43.  It is so delicious that I would like to write the whole chapter out, but I don't think it would be the same.  The more I read the Bible, the more it fascinates me- I just wish I understood it better.  You know, the culture of the times and the symbolism and the literal language translations.  Sometimes I am shocked by what I read in the Bible because of how forward it is.   (Okay, Israel blatantly gets special attention- no secret in this, but why?  Just wondering...)
In verse 4 of chapter 43, the LORD comes right out and says, "Others died that you might live.  I traded their lives for yours because you are precious to me.  You are honored, and I love you."  God says straightforward that He loves them!

Now, what does love mean?  I have heard looked at the following websites to know more:
There should be a class about love in the Bible...there really should.  There is so much talk of it and has various forms!!

The next chapter of 44 looks really cool, too.  The chapter states that there is no other God.  Now this is interesting because I've heard the suggestion that all religions praise the same God, but just call Him a different name or recognize Him in various ways; many different Gods of nature or actions (Hindu or Wicca or Greek/Roman Gods) or they might call Him, Allah.  Could it be that all of these religions and more recognize and see the same God, but call on Him in different ways?  (

"Do not tremble; do not be afraid.  Have I not proclaimed from ages past what my purposes are for you?  You are my witnesses- is there any other God?  No!  There is not other Rock- not one!"  Isaiah 44:8

What do you think?  I don't want to get this wrong.
Miss Rae :*

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I completed my first duathlon last Sunday, July 10th at a little before 2 hours.  The race officially began at 6:30am.  My results:

71   478 Kyla Kindle  Hoffman Estates  15  F 
51   24:53  8:02    1:20  103 1:03:22 14.2  1:14   52   27:16  8:48 
Ha, whatever that means, right?  ;-)  I signed up for this race, semi-impulsively, when I picked a young 
gentleman up at a tennis/recreation center and I saw a sign for a Duathlon/Triathlon.  "Well, I'm not a 
fast swimmer, but running and biking...I could try this." 
*hey, side note; ever hear of Shawn McDonald?  I don't remember how I came across him, but the Holy 
Spirit works through him to make some really great music.  And he shares his testimony on his site, 
which is always a good thing to hear. :-)
Moreover, I signed up for this race and also completed it for my "21 b4 21" list.  I should share 
that another time. ANYWAYS, I think I just want to say that I was very intimidated when I arrived 
on the scene.  My mom, who was so thoughtful and encouraging the whole time, came with me. 
She dropped me off at the site and I walked my bike and I to the event.  It turns out real race bikes
don'thave cool bike does.  :-)  My mother claims to have seen people like me, who 
were doing the race as a first-timer, and who were also clueless, but it seemed to me that I was the most
awkward one there.  Haha!  No, really, it's okay to laugh.  :-)  Anyways, I'm really glad I did this and it 
was because of the encouragement I received from my friends at work the night before the race when 
I questioned if I should just sleep-in that day (;]), my mama who is like a mother bear, and because of 
God and how He wasgracious enough to complete the race with me!  It was a really cool experience-
I recommend it! 
Here are some goofy pictures. 
 woooooo, only the last 5k to go!
 yes, I have padded spandex on.

 I'm kind of a fruit cake.

thanks mom, for the photo shoot of your sweaty kid  ;-) 
Signing-off with Pslam 34 (did you know that David, from the Bible, pretended to be insane?
  huh, I wonder what that looked like),
Miss Rae :* 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cooking with Parsnips

Roughly a week and half ago, I made delicious cherry-filled cupcakes with some stinkin' good frosting.  Then, my parents and a sister of mine escaped to a cute lil' cabin in MI for a couple of days.  When we came home- there were the same amount of cupcakes in the fridge!  A sister who stayed home, DIDN'T EAT ONE!  That goof.  Or moreover, she has stinkin' good self-control.  So I had to eat pretty much all of the cupcakes.  I bring this up because I need to stop baking sweet stuff so much because my family thinks I'm plotting to make them obese.  Therefore yesterday I made (they turned out yummy and my family ate them!  haha) "Thai Chicken Balls" from the recipe book, "Low-fat", by Homestyle.  Well, without the coriander (which I found out is cilantro) and with a yellow, "sweet" onion and not spring onions, and with jalapeno peppers.  THUS, I made them with some differences, but the chicken balls turned out great.  I'm warning you, people- the name of this food may be harmful for some, because a sister of mine giggles at the sound of it...

From the same recipe book, I'm currently trying to make "Roast Vegetable Quiche".  And I've made a number of goof-ups.  I'm using a butternut squash instead of a pumpkin or a winter squash, but that's what they had at the grocery story I went to, I baked the vegetables for an hour at 180 degrees F, when that was the degree number in CELSIUS and the degrees in Fahrenheit were in parentheses (how embarrassing), I got flustered because I didn't know how to measure 1 oz of ricotta cheese...and then my sister showed me the symbol on a measuring cup...Anyways, I'm just living out the ultra-simple and ultra-true advice that practice makes perfect.

I have some pictures. :-)

 So this is the recipe I followed.  I loved that the book gave me picture instructions, even though my version didn't look quite like theirs.  :-)  That's okay!
 I thought this was cute.  This is one of the Sweet Potatoes I used!  Doesn't it look like an animal?...
 Over-flowing with chopped vegetables and garlic
 Oh- this is our cat, Caramel (alter-ego name: Staci)

I hope I "grated" cheese right.  Did you know that cheddar cheese is only yellow/orange because of COLOR ADDITIVES?!  Yeah- cheese is supposed to be WHITE!   My Mama told me.

 Everything is ready for the oven...
My big mess.  I left it for a lil bit and when I came home I found everything cleaned!  My FATHER cleaned it for me.  He's a nice guy!
 Eeeeep!  Thank God!  My first quiche was successful!!!  :-D

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Signs, but not the movie, "Signs"

Please excuse my cheesy blog title.  I'm just trying to be witty!  And it doesn't come naturally, you see. ;-)

I have to write this down!  Today, Wednesday, I was buying ingredients for two recipes at the grocery store.  In the check-out line, I was reviewing my list of ingredients.  The following is important: On the back of the page, on the bottom, in the center was a quote from Donald Miller.  It reads:
"We get one story, you and I, and one story alone.  God has established the elements, the setting and the climax and resolution.  It would be a crime not to venture out, wouldn't it?"

Guys!  This is fascinating.  This quote relates to the message I have heard Donald Miller speak which is that of choosing to live life fully; God gave us freedom and specific interests and talents and He is praised when we go after them!  I read this quote, on my innocent, unintentional grocery-list piece of paper, and my mouth opened wide...God!!!  This is Your encouragement for me to go to the Honor Academy!  Isn't it?!  So now, God, we just need my parents on board because You've confirmed it, yeah?!  (Spoken still with question.  You know, I still don't that lamo?  Is this a severe case of Honor Academy confirmation?)

Anyways, I wanted a documentation of this potential route-confirming moment.  Btw, Axis ( had a really good speaker speak tonight.  His name is Josh Riebock.  His message will be on that site for anyone to listen to.  Seriously- I see Axis as a group of imperfect 18-20somethings who seek to be genuine and helpful in the pursuit of knowing Christ on Earth.  I recommend checking the place out:
               67 East Algonquin Rd, South Barrington, IL, 60010. Park in parking lot F and walk right in. The activity center is immediately on your left.

To God be the Glory!,
Miss Rae