Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cooking with Parsnips

Roughly a week and half ago, I made delicious cherry-filled cupcakes with some stinkin' good frosting.  Then, my parents and a sister of mine escaped to a cute lil' cabin in MI for a couple of days.  When we came home- there were the same amount of cupcakes in the fridge!  A sister who stayed home, DIDN'T EAT ONE!  That goof.  Or moreover, she has stinkin' good self-control.  So I had to eat pretty much all of the cupcakes.  I bring this up because I need to stop baking sweet stuff so much because my family thinks I'm plotting to make them obese.  Therefore yesterday I made (they turned out yummy and my family ate them!  haha) "Thai Chicken Balls" from the recipe book, "Low-fat", by Homestyle.  Well, without the coriander (which I found out is cilantro) and with a yellow, "sweet" onion and not spring onions, and with jalapeno peppers.  THUS, I made them with some differences, but the chicken balls turned out great.  I'm warning you, people- the name of this food may be harmful for some, because a sister of mine giggles at the sound of it...

From the same recipe book, I'm currently trying to make "Roast Vegetable Quiche".  And I've made a number of goof-ups.  I'm using a butternut squash instead of a pumpkin or a winter squash, but that's what they had at the grocery story I went to, I baked the vegetables for an hour at 180 degrees F, when that was the degree number in CELSIUS and the degrees in Fahrenheit were in parentheses (how embarrassing), I got flustered because I didn't know how to measure 1 oz of ricotta cheese...and then my sister showed me the symbol on a measuring cup...Anyways, I'm just living out the ultra-simple and ultra-true advice that practice makes perfect.

I have some pictures. :-)

 So this is the recipe I followed.  I loved that the book gave me picture instructions, even though my version didn't look quite like theirs.  :-)  That's okay!
 I thought this was cute.  This is one of the Sweet Potatoes I used!  Doesn't it look like an animal?...
 Over-flowing with chopped vegetables and garlic
 Oh- this is our cat, Caramel (alter-ego name: Staci)

I hope I "grated" cheese right.  Did you know that cheddar cheese is only yellow/orange because of COLOR ADDITIVES?!  Yeah- cheese is supposed to be WHITE!   My Mama told me.

 Everything is ready for the oven...
My big mess.  I left it for a lil bit and when I came home I found everything cleaned!  My FATHER cleaned it for me.  He's a nice guy!
 Eeeeep!  Thank God!  My first quiche was successful!!!  :-D

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