Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wholesome Wheat

Hey!!  So my daddy works really hard for an airline and I would like him to come home to something delicious tasting!  He's a big chocolate fan and so I knew whatever I made, it should include chocolate.  And I had whole wheat flour in the pantry.  Thus, I looked among recipes for a whole-wheat chocolate chip cookie one and I came across, Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies!
This recipe is by Molly, a woman who runs the site, Orangette.  It's a really fun blog!  I kind of combined this recipe and the whole-wheat cookie recipe on the back of the flour bag.

 I used honey instead of brown sugar and did 3 C of flour...OH!  And I refrigerated the dough for at least an hour before I baked them.  I read that this helps thicken them, and this is what saved these guys considering every other time I baked non-oatmeal cookies, THEY ARE FLAT CRISPS!  So, refrigerating the dough, is key for Kyla.  :-)  This is good stuff, guys!

Living thickly,
Miss Rae :*

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