Monday, August 1, 2011


Some Thoughts:  The concept of a human-being vs. a human-doing.  Which am I and what should I be?  I'm really hungry after I cry/run-through-emotions.  I'MSOMADATTHEHONORACADEMYBECAUSEOFBADREVIEWSIVEHEARDANDIWASREALLYHYPEDUPFORITANDTHOUGHTMYLIFEWOULD STARTTHEREAHHHHHHHH.  I have a really good boss.  I eat a lot of sugar, but I can deny it.  I crave milkshakes/ice-cream pretty much everyday.  Also, we can blame a monthly visitor with good intentions, but who also brings mysterious side effects with their visit, or the lack-of-self-control for sugar products, for my crummy attitude.  I am now learning that when someone is crabby, it should not lie on the person being crabbed-at, but it entirely remains on the crabapple, and the space he/she breathes.  Unfortunately, very unfortunately, the crabbed-at folk are usually among ma famille.

What do I do all the time, but doesn't work?  That only makes things worse?  Well, what I'm thinking of is getting upset because someone isn't doing something I think he/she should.  The real catch is, I don't tell that person what I want- I assume that person knows/should know.  I think I do this a lot.  And it only hurts.

Whew!  Life is a work in progress, ain't it?
Kisses :*,
Miss Rae

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