Tuesday, August 2, 2011



it may not necessarily be awful...what I'm about to say...that lately I feel like smoking and listening to this music for hours.  now I don't need to smoke and I'm reminded frequently the damaging effects of it.  however, I feel like it would help me listen to the music.

Lovely & Waiting

i met with a professor from my university today.  my sister was with me and we talked over phillipino food.  this professor has taken the time to talk with me, get to know me, and he's not even my advisor and has not been my professor, yet.  and what i expected him to say- he didn't.  we talked about not going to university in the fall- and how that could be a good thing.  he was very encouraging and ended with, "God is love.  He is a God of love."  Wow...that is so great.

 Horn of Africa

is this another situation like that of the Holocaust?  Are Americans going to know about something really awful and wait before getting involved?  I'm not talking about Americans.  I'm talking about me.  Hey- please help me, what should I be doing?!?
Thunder strikes outside. 
Don't I need to get moving?,
Miss Rae

**hey!  Happy Birthday, beautiful friend, Sarah.  May God bless you and Love you and shower you with Truth!

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