Monday, August 8, 2011


Hearing and seeing swear words definitely affects me.  They come out so much easier after I see them/hear them.  I've watched the video for Pink's Perfect song and it has her song politely edited...but I almost wrote the real words anyways.  It's about self-control, isn't it?  And being consistent?
I try to not like "secular" songs.  Unless they are country.  Having written that out, that sounds pretty hypocritical doesn't it?  And it makes me feel like I need to try less to not like songs.  On the other hand, the temperature easily boils inside of me at the lyrics of some songs.  But I really like Pink's Perfect song.  And I really like heavy eye liner.  It's beautiful and it's like a masquerade.  Now that I'm on it, I like Katy Perry (I almost take it back) 's song ET.  To be honest, it would be better if Kanye West's part was taken out.  And I want to clarify, it's NOT BECAUSE HE IS AFRICAN-AMERICAN!  I'm not a huge fan of rap...except if it's really good.

Let's be honest, we like it, I like ET, cuz it's hott.  Am I right?  Have I told you my theory yet?  My theory that relates to this song, the movie Avatar, and the series Twilight?  I really enjoyed the series Twilight.  I remember reading them in High School and reading them is literally all I wanted to do.  And I don't even think I'm ashamed of that.  It's strong, huh?  The desire to be a part of a beautiful love.  Do you think the desire to be apart of a strong, beautiful, passionate love is just as strong as the desire to be a part of an adventure?  Those two desire have got to be close to even.
I heard that there were support groups for those who watched the movie Avatar and were then so depressed that there isn't anything like it- all there is, is life on Earth.  And it can easily not be very exciting.

One of my best dreams was a dream of me helping this guy find his dad, I believe it was.  In my dream we were running and climbing a really tall, slippery, large blown-up toy- kind of like those blown-up jumpy things that kids love?  You know?  If I remember correctly, whatever we were climbing even had the same colors as that jumpy contraption in real life.  :-)
One of the best parts of this dream was when the dude turned to me and asked me what I was doing.  I told him- I'm helping you!  And I was having fun!  We were active, running and searching and helping each other climb this...bouncy blown-up thing, but my heart was pounding and it was great.
So I'm getting to my theory- It's innate in each person, to be undeniably alive and a part of an adventure. 
I have not gone clubbing yet in my life.  I haven't, now that I'm old enough, because I wouldn't be able to separate dance and lust.  But I really have a blast dancing and lust can be fun, too.  In Jr. High I just couldn't wait to be able to go clubbing!
I think I understand why clubs are so fun.  I think- loud music where the bass moves your chest, close bodies, heat, so many people wanting to "lose themselves", feel gooooood.  Yes!  And the song, ET, we want to be out of this world, people!  I do, too!  Who wouldn't want that?  It's crazy, exhilarating,  wild, and is it free?

I recognize this- why people do drugs, dance, drink, read novels, and more- humans have it programmed in them to feel.  And I think this was made by God.
I think it's God, peeps.  Lord, I want to live out of this world, too!  And I'm not holding my breath for my own, Jacob, to come for me, take my hand, and help me run.
So that's my theory.  And I think it's one more thing that only God can fulfill.
With heart, soul, and sharing the same innate emotion ;),
Miss Rae
God, You are Great.  Take us all home.

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