Sunday, August 14, 2011

"I'm 20"

Today, as my sister dropped me off at work, she left me with some variation of the following words, "Start saying it out-loud, "I'm 20. I'm 20 years old...'"  She thought I would actually feel 20, and appreciate being 20, once it sunk in.  :)  Haha- I do like it!  Initially, at least.

So creating this blog was all apart of my "21 b4 21" list.  Creating/attempting to make a fantastical baking blog of my own was something on my list.  Baking blogs, good ones ;), are the bomb!  :)  And something I have learned so far, is that it requires a lot of baking and cooking and most of my blogs on this site have therefore not been on-topic.  Meh.  ;-)

God, Jesus, Holy Spirit- thanks for all agreeing to make me.  Something I've realized while talking to a really good friend yesterday on my bday, was that I'm afraid to make mistakes and this fear, probably like all fears, can be paralyzing.  So God, I need help to move when I should move.  And I bring this up now because I'm 20, another year older, and I really don't want to waste my time.  So- I don't want to do anything without the Holy Spirit with me.
 Friends and family really make differences in lives- ok, I'll make it an "I" statement- family and friends really make a difference in my life.  ;-)  And the "best" ones are those that are annoying, and still stick around.  If that doesn't make sense, that's ok, because I know what I mean.

 Happy Birthday to all on their day!!!
20-year old, Lady Rae ;-) 

Oh and something that's worth mentioning; the Bible verse that says, "Don't pretend to love people- really love them."  Peculiar, right?  It's like the author knows me.  Okay, okay...

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