Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sometimes I

"Even though I hate to admit it, sometimes I smoke cigarettes.  Christian folk say I should quit it, but I just smile and say, "God Bless..."  (Miranda Lambert's song, Heart Like Mine)

I first heard this song and I loved it.  It was a season when my two favorite songs were this one and another by Sugarland, "Little Miss".  It's kind of quirky- Heart Like Mine is kind of nothing like me, however once I heard and saw the music video to Miranda Lambert's Kerosene, I liked her!  I wanted to be her, probably because she is everything I am not. 

Hey!, so what I was saying was that I love singing the song and even mentally pretending that Heart Like Mine applies to me and yeah, it's pretty silly.  However, I bought my first pack of cigarettes yesterday at a 7-Eleven.  And you know what?  I am unable to not think of the chorus, "Cancer stick, cancer stick- you're putting a cancer stick to your mouthhhh!  Ah, Kyla!  You're going to get lip cancer, tongue cancer, and then finger cancer!" out of my mind, as I take one.  And I fail at lighting the stick!  Today, it was me & God, sitting down on a bike path and to raise the drama, I told myself I'm smoking!  But it didn't light.  Humility!  Hello?  Ha!

Putting aside the thoughts that consume my  mind for a moment, before the end of this summer, I would like to make homemade wine, homemade bread, and make my dad "Beef Stroganoff (sp)" again.

Huh.  And about the Homemade Wine idea- this website intimidates me.  I kind of thought I'd buy grapes, mash them up, let them ferment, and add sugar.  Is this now how it goes?  http://www.greathomemadewine.ca/hw/Equipment.html  What's this air cap I need?

I think I'll follow this nice-looking woman on the bread: http://ilovemy5kids.blogspot.com/2011/07/easy-homemade-bread-without-bread.html.

Miss Rae

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