Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Final Decision

Heyyyyy, so I feel like I have not posted in awhile.  :-)  Even though this blog began only as a trial run, I enjoy seeing it grow and therefore, I would like to plug in posts still.  And did I tell you that I received TWO baking books for my 20th bday?  I hope you know what that means... Haha.  :D  I've tried two recipes, one from each book, and they turned out fabulous!  So I have a grand feeling about these lil' guys...

This evening I plan on making Banana Bread from one of the books.  The book is ....

that book.  ;-)  And I'll let you know how it goes, if I remember.  I think I'm looking forward to it.

Also, I'll slip in here that it's been decided that I'll be attending North Park University this Fall- not be going to Wyoming or Texas or any other place besides NPU Chicago.  Which is neato.  :)  I know I've mentioned running away, etc., but- it's all good.  I am probably the most excited about North Park's baby dance team.  Baby dance team because it'll be about 3 years old after this upcoming season.  ;)  Auditions are in about a week and a half and I just get a thrill dancing/performing....and there is an excellent coach who is very motivating.  Oh and classes are cool too.  ;-)
 *classic move here

*Ballerinas are beautiful.  I want to be one.  But I don't have the discipline.  But maybe, if it works out, I would like to be a ballerina in Heaven...

Last thing- and most importantly- there are some people, and I guess this is what the Spirit of God looks like in people- who really have it going on, like with Christ.  I don't know, man, but I want what these people I have in mind have.  And I don't want to fake it.  And I don't think I'm making much sense here either.  But this is just a note that establishes an observation, a distinction between Christians who really recognize who Christ is and what He means and then those of us who don't- really know the significance and reality of Him.  -you know?

I wonder if I'm losing it-
Miss Rae :*

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