Thursday, August 11, 2011


~The Wreckers "Cigarettes"

I tried smoking again.  And ahh it's so not natural.  I feel sick on my fingers, my mouth, my tongue, everything when I smoke and I do it, and look out at people and think about what they think of me and I think to myself, "This is so stupid.  Yuck, gross.  *spit*  This is so stupid!  *spit...I spit a lot*  Gross!"

I don't relate to all of the lyrics.  But yes to the chorus.  I always kind of thought that the Wrecker's music was over-dramatic, etc.  But now, maybe they were just being honest and writing songs and not caring if people thought they were being over-dramatic.

At church, Willow Creek, we had the Leadership Conference today!  And it's so incredible.  In noticing what gets me amped and not in regards for the future and well, careers, I have ruled out working with kids, I think, and have ruled in working with adults, international adults, and maybe somehow listening to speakers/pastors?!  I really enjoy listening to people give speeches and sermons?  I'm getting somewhere!  :-)
Miss Rae

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