Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Sick

Good evening.  I am feeling sick.  Yesterday I felt my throat stinging and it has lasted the night and day, today.  Unlike other people, I feel very much like eating when I'm sick.  Odd, indeed.  But I crave ice-cream any other day, but especially when I'm sick because it feels so good on my throat!  And food feels good going down on my throat as well.  So perhaps the whole "not-feeling-well-enough-to-eat" thing comes with a different kind of sickness.
I don't know exactly how to write this, but perhaps the following will come out truthfully.  The Holy Spirit is invited here.  Even though, I recently finished dragging my parents down the short path of possibility regarding an internship in Texas, and I desire to be agreeable and pleasant and wise...and goodness sake's, content!, ...I still explore other avenues on the internet.
Did I mention here that the advice given to me from an experienced Christian woman was to be content?  It's so simple, yet I still manage to think of a good amount of questions for it.

Blessings at North Park:
attending CFAN church!
seeing so great people again!
taking interesting courses, specifically Intentional Communities
experiencing sharing a house with 7 females
working at a coffee house/restaurant!
leading a Jr. High small group?
being close to home where 3 sisters are, on of them being engaged, my funny parents, my injured Grandpa, my family in MI reside
listening to the wisdom "calling out in the streets"- get a degree, child, you need a degree
dance team, baking & cooking opportunities, climbing wall, and learning & adapting to the Chicago-city life ;-)
Blessings that will come with Not Attending NP:
not rushing life.  not waiting for life to begin because I hold a college diploma in my hand.
addressing my discontent, instead of half-stuffing it with pillows and excuses and sucking it up
trusting my instincts.
taking time to understand how I want to live/what I want to put my time and money into
living an adventure!  participating in writing my story.
I don't know, guys.  Several songs come to mind:
"What if Your blessings come through rain drops?  What if Your healing comes through tears?  What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near?" Laura Story ~ Blessings

"Where You lead me, Lord, I will follow.  Where you lead me, Lord, I will go..."  Violet Burning ~ Invitacion Fountain

"I could run away, You would never leave.  You will always stay right by my side..."  Waterdeep ~ I could run away

Miss Rae.

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