Thursday, August 4, 2011

Running Away

Is running away, always a drastic move?  Or could someone run away with like, peace & love & good-will?

Also, my friend, Lesley Nash has a super fun blog (, as does a woman named Alice, who is the creator of SavorySweetLife blog.

I got an e-mail from my dance coach at school that is really exciting- talking about auditions and practices and a competition!!!  :-)  I was also looking at pictures of my beautiful friends I met at NP and church and I received two e-mails from NP, as well.  One of them telling me when I could move in to the house I am registered to live in.  It's funny- the date is the same date that school/move-in is for Jackson Hole Bible College.  Funny...right?

I SO don't know what to do and moreover, HOW TO DO IT!  I think I just need to scream, get tattoos, smoke, and run through fields to touch God...I can't touch Him, but what I meant is, run through fields to feel Him- to know He's here and with me and touching me and wants me and loves me and is not irritated at me for- everything.  For being so freeken discontent and shady and downcast.  Guys....Lord...I almost feel like I am falling apart.  I don't know what to do.  Moreover- I don't know how to do whatever I need to do.

Miss Rae

"I could run away....You would never leave...You will always stay right by my side..."
Even if I go to other things to try to gain footing or lose my confusion?  Even if I- push everyone else away or fall apart?

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