Saturday, March 10, 2012

0::0\**Taylor Swift**/0::0

These are my favorites of Speak Now: 
(cover by another beautiful gal)

it may be considered silly, but I really like T.Swift.  and i remember this first semester, at school, there was this speaker who spoke on "going first" and how when she goes first speaking, it is less scary for another person to do so, and it goes on and on.  and i bring this up with T.Swift because how she talks about loves and feelings and attraction, it makes it easier for me to go second you know?  that was the whole theme of the speaker's was about going first, so another can go second.  does this make sense?  it was a wonderful speech and evening, i remember.  and T.Swift's 3rd album is pretty wonderful, too.  you go, girl.  you just keep writing and singing your pretty lil heart out! 


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