Monday, March 26, 2012

Really Silly

I love being really silly, but that's not really what I'm going after in this post at the moment.  At work today, I was setting-up a room with a co-worker who has some kind of mental disability.  When I say "setting-up a room", we had 15 "rounds" out and eight chairs had to be set-up in an "open" position around each table, towards the stage.  Ha!  It's not a complex job, I just liked adding lingo because I think I'm cool...
Anyways, so my co-worker friend, let's call him, David (not his name), and I were working on the chairs.  We were both un-stacking the racks and slipping in chairs around tables and all of my words lead to this: David was groovin'!  He was taking one chair at a time, lifting it above his head, jerking his neck, holding the chair between his knees, etc. all the while sheepishly taking glances at me, waiting for me to make exclamations.  He loves getting attention and writing this out, I am reminded, Doesn't everyone love getting attention?  Who doesn't want to be praised, encouraged, admired, etc.?  Sometimes this gets annoying with David.  Or to use one of the five fundamental emotions, I would choose angryWhy do you need to be praised, David?  Can't you enjoy something you did and not need someone else to notice?
But it came to my attention today while I was watching David that I was just like him.  I, and other people who don't live with mental "disabilities", look as "ridiculous" as David did-let me explain.  I am tender at saying David looked ridiculous, but understand that this is not offensive.  David was so proud of himself for lifting a chair above his head and he sought praise for his super cool actions.  You know?  For something I could do, too.  You know?  But as I was watching him today (It was probably God, right?), I saw myself in David's position, with God looking at me like, "Yeah, Ky, I'm happy that you're happy.  I think you're so cool, too.  But you do know that what you're doing is no big deal for me, right?  I can do that, any day, any time, and I invented things like arms and chairs and muscle, weight, gravity.  But you know, I'm glad you think it's cool..."  Haha.  Wow-it was a cool vision for me.  One that made me enjoy David even more.
That could be another note; how I enjoy working with people who have mental handicaps.  It is so lovely to me...

with love (love is patient, love is kind, it does not boast,... 1 Corinthians 13:4-7),
Kyla Rae

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