Friday, March 16, 2012

Feels Like School

Huh.  I'm glancing down at the (o wait, the time is up - on the upper right corner on this laptop) time and notice that the minutes are passing...promptly.  And here I am, clicking on different tabs and reading short articles/blogs and I wonder, with surprise, "Am I procrastinating?"  But I'm not in school right now!  I took this semester off to feel like I am alive again!  But after my initial defensive responses, I acknowledge that yes, I am procrastinating.  Even though I am not enrolled in classes, I can procrastinate, which sucks because I thought that I would be over that!

Tomorrow I am scheduled to go to Launch Weekend with/for AMTC.  And I didn't realize until like twenty moments ago, how big of a deal I think this weekend is.  And I don't exactly feel prepared.  Which stinks and is only my fault, obviously.  So- I'm going to have my blog page open next to my AMTC website so I can share and release any "urgent" thoughts I have, etc, but please note, I  am working... ;-)


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