Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Got Passion in My Pants and I...

The first time I heard those lyrics, I was appalled.  You could have noticed, too, because my jaw usually drops and stays that way for some time when I am shocked about something.  Scandalous.  Shocking.  Most dance music puts my jaw on the floor with its lyrics.  The problem is, I want to be on the floor, too.

The problem is, I had so much fun tonight at this dance class at a fitness gym this evening.  so much fun!  I sweated a lot and shook my hips and booty a lot and we were JAMMIN'!  It was a blast-for myself, at least.  Now going back to the lyrics again, you know the song, "Shots".  Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots (I don't know how many times it says it...) and then it goes, "Everybody!!"  The beat is so fun and you rally with other people and are like, "Yeahhhh!"  That song?  It's a "picker-upper"--all you have to do is jump up and down and smile and the song will take over your body, you know?  But the lyrics?  I ask myself, now, why is drinking a bunch of shots important?  Why should and why would I do that?  Is that fun?  Why do so many people think that's fun?  When I think of heavy drinking, I think about forgetting life, people, obligations, memories, and my control...is life so miserable, for most people, that forgetting life is the best thing about the weekend?  And in contrast, why does the Bible say that drinking excessively is a sin?  I refuse to think that command, to not get drunk, is a pointless command to just be a fun-sucker.  Where do people get that typical "club dancing" is sinful?  Grinding?  Booty-shaking?  Oh-because it encourages and asks for lust and actions following lust.  Why would the Bible say lusting is wrong?  He made us sexual creatures...

Okay, I'll stop with the italics.  Shoot, I walked away and I forgot my train of thought, where I was going with this.  :(  BUT ANOTHER THOUGHT crossed my mind when I heard some other lyrics in this class tonight--I thought about the sex industry and sex-trafficking children.  It doesn't even need to include children, anybody being moved-around, bought, forced, harassed, raped for money, is wrong.  Doesn't everyone kind of agree with that statement, Christ-follower, or not?  The song lyrics were, "sexy ladies," which made me think of a store called something like that, that I passed walking West on Lawrence in Chicago.  Walking that same direction, on that same street, I also pass the Admiral Theatre, a Gentlemen's Club (I want to look up why these places are called Gentlemen's Clubs).

ANYWAYS, I have a hard time keeping things condensed when I write, but from tonight's incredible fitness dance class (and the music was loud and this is very important), I came to thinking about dance, sex, Jesus, hip hop fitness classes to Christian music, hip hop fitness classes for God-fearing people, hip hop fitness classes that are fun, and difficult, and God-respecting, and...I think that sums it up.

Now, where do I go from here?  Does Satan take our bodies and use loud beats to twist them into dishonorable shapes and moves?  Or would I see Jesus...dancing...with me?

"Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle-yeah..."

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