Friday, June 3, 2011

Bacon Apple Pie

I didn't REALLY make Bacon Apple Pie, though that actually sounds like it has potential.  But I wanted to make the Apple Pie recipe from the blog, "Bacon Concentrate" (  Mr. Luz is the gentleman who "blogged" it (funny word :] ) and he wrote in a very entertaining manner, as well as DETAILED.  Due to a slight hiccup with a knife in my thumb and lack of zeal because of a late night...I...I bought frozen pie crust.  I'm sorry.  But it came out really pretty, still!  I haven't tried it yet because my father bought apple pancakes from some restaurant and I can't handle more apple dessert :/  But it looks good and to be honest, as my first apple pie (minus the crust....the most difficult part...), the aesthetic quality was my primary concern.

Therefore I followed Mr. Luz's recipe for the Apple Filling and used "Immaculate" brand pie crusts.  I bought vanilla ice cream from Blue Bunny and- I hope it's good :)  I intent to do a follow-up as well as pictures and a blog about my next anticipated recipe: "Blackberry Honey-Wheat Cream Scones"!  I plan on following the recipe off of "Sweet Savory Life" (  Happy Friday!

Lastly, I did take a lil video of my family's new pups.  I think it'll be kind of fun to have an update on them every once in awhile.... They're kind of really great.  Feel welcome to talk about God!  I'm glad I  crave that.

Kisses :*

Miss Rae

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