Friday, June 24, 2011


I had a dream last night AND I slept in pretty late for me- until 8!  I felt good, though the dream was not disturbing, but...curious. 

Among other things that happened, I witnessed two young boys that were bullying another boy.  The bullies, if my memory withstands, resembled a cross between humans, elves, and those boys that turned into demons in the movie, The Passion- the ones that antagonized Peter?  So I grabbed these boys and I wasn't gentle.  I don't remember what I grabbed them by- I think their arms.  I walked with them to some younger woman who I knew was in charge.  On the way to find her, I shouted for someone to help me hold on to these young boys (like 9-11 yrs old) so they wouldn't struggle away.  Everyone refused.  And then I finally reached the woman and she witnessed me biting on one of the boy's hands because he bit mine.  (Real mature, right?)  And she told me that I can't do that just because they do that...and so I apologized.  The woman walked away (not helpful) and I was left standing with the two boys alone again.  I apologized to them for if I handled the situation wrongly and then suddenly they were attached to this white booth that was by us.  A man that looked like he was one of "their kind", but 20 or 30 yrs. old slipped in the middle of the booth and...I lose it here.  I think he started melting or untying them- something unnatural and slightly disturbing.  I don't know.  I woke up.  Curious, huh?  Do I want to be a voice for young children? 

Moving forward, I'm going to commence my pre-Wedding baking tests today.  My sister's fiance had bought me a cupcake recipe book for this past Christmas, ""Hello, Cupcake!"  Convenient right?  And intimidating.  But ya gotta start somewhere!  ;)

So, I'm going to follow this book's recipe for Banana Cupcakes.  Oooo, should I do banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting?  No- I think I'm just going to make (not "just", this is just as good) the "Almost-Homemade Vanilla Buttercream" frosting.  And they will be dedicated to my co-workers tomorrow for Baptism weekend!!!  WOO HOO!!!  :)  CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO ARE GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND AT WILLOW CREEK IN THE LAKE!!!!  YAHOOOOOO!!!!  :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

So, we have a plan.  I need to go now though and go to a book study.  (Hahaha, that is endearing, hearing myself participate in a book study.)  The book is, "Girl Perfect," by Jennifer Strickland.  Looking forward to it- got to go.  I intend a cupcake update for you soon!

Kisses :*,
Miss Rae

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