Monday, June 27, 2011

Is it God-honoring to HATE mosquitoes?

Ugh...can I say this?  I hate mosquitoes.  Fine!  Suck my blood, but you have to make me agonize in itchiness?  NOT KIND!  I also am not content at the thought of attending college in the fall.  Exactly.  Someone may or may not have the right to yell at me because 1. it's still June.  why are you complaining about the Fall?  2.  college is a gift.  And that someone would be correct...except if I want to get out of college, I have to find another pursuit.  :)  Here are some of my dreams/options for the future:

1.  live and serve at an orphange!
2.  talk to friend who mentioned she stayed someone in Europe where they spoke French and it was good...
3.  apply to a YWAM thing...hmm...
4.  WOOF!, preferably in Ireland (work for food/shelter)
5. go to a different kind of school:  Baking/Cooking school, Massage Therapy school,  Flight Attendant school (um, not feeling it?), or a Bible school?  (my friend went to a year Bible school in Wyoming!...the name forgets me ;) )
6.  Work for ACMNP!  (This has intrigued me since I have heard of it, BUT would they hire me beyond the summer?)
7.  Go to school?!

At some point I would like to share/expand my "21 b4 21" list.  But not now.  :)
Kisses :*,
Miss Rae

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