Monday, June 13, 2011

Girls Gone Bad

I was thinking today at work (I think a lot) about what's so attractive about girls being bad.  I get the impression guys are turned-on (yes, I used that expression, but that's exactly what I meant) by girls who don't smile, look them cold into the eyes, and dance/act dominating.  The song, "Good Girls Gone Bad" sprang into my head.  Good example.  Then I think of "Southern Bells" in pretty, feminine dresses where the man is attracted to her delicacy and sweetness.  I've just heard of that though- I see and hear more of the attractiveness of the hott gal.  I write this because I'm upset.  Big surprise there.  I'm upset because- I don't want this and I don't think a lot of young women actually do want this either!  However, I've accepted it and desired to be it because I thought that this was the way girls get guy's attention.  
Ugh!  But then I remember Proverbs talking about women and their seduction (I almost wrote "seducement") and I think, "No!  The message of a dominating, hott gal is of the world.  I am so not of the world.  At least when I think before I act and short-term think- no, I desire to so not be of this world.  Especially regarding the world of modern-hott women.  I feel as if I can't write the word, hott, enough...hott hott hott.  That's the best of women.  Yes!  Women totally are that and that's a great, wonderful thing.  But again when I think about hottness and then relationships- please, give me someone I can laugh with.  That I can trip in front of and tell them I have to go pee or....
Good Girls Gone Bad.  Oh!  Another thing.  At this camp I was recently at (Life Action Camp- see previous blog entry for link), the speaker was married and they were in their sixties.  From what I could tell they were a...purely lovely couple.  Purely as Earthly creatures can get.  From the sounds of it they have fought some tough battles (heck, they raised kids!) but I so appreciate that the husband speaks so positively and appreciatively and lovingly towards his wife.  Conclusion:  I would rather have that old, sweet love that the attention that would attract me in dance clubs or other.  And I am choosing to be an optimist:  I'll either experience that kind of love or I'll eventually see that life is short and I'll just trek on to Heavenly Paradise eventually.
Cast all your cares, concerns, anxieties, worries, pains & problems upon Jesus because He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7  A Pastor I admire posted this verse today.  God...what will you do with my anxieties?  Won't You talk with me- like straight-up?  ;)
I've been into the band BarlowGirl lately (  I really liked this song when I heard it.  Heavenly Daddy, I would love to feel your arms hug me.  I think the young lady in the video is beautiful, btw.  I'm wiggling on my decision to go get my nose pierced like hers, but my earthly daddy doesn't like them.  Anyways, maybe this song will help someone else, too.  :)
"Povitica" = delicious.  I don't know if I will make that soon though.  However, what about Homemade Granola Bars!  (haha, I can feel enthusiasm lacking)  Nevertheless, I think this will be my next baking action!  Whew!  Looking forward to it!

Other indirect and passive-aggressive declarations:  I want to quit my job.  I want to experience an adventurous passion and life.  I want this boy to call me.  I feel God and do things right.
I think everyone needs some kisses.  Kisses :*,
Miss Rae

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